South Coast Powernats - 30th May 2020

Burnouts Australia Presents....

South Coast Powernats
Saturday May 30th 2020 - 


Spectator Tickets at the gate
Competitor Entry by Pre-nomination through the website
This event is a Round of our Clearys Porwer Equipment Burnout Series

Burnouts, Tip In Comp, Power Skids

Limited to 80 Entries

$150 Entry
$40 Passenger (1 Passenger per Car)
$20 Spectators

AASA License required

Saturday – From 11am – Drivers Briefing 10:30


6Cyl – Any 6 Cyl powered car including Turbo & Blown
Mod Street – Any Naturally Apso Car
Elite - Turbo, Blown, V8

2 Rounds of 90 secs – Scores added together to get Top 20 Final
3 Independent Judges
1 Passenger

Burnout Prize Money
6cyl - $1000 , R/U $500, Third Trophy 
Mod Street - $1000 , R/U $500, Third Trophy
Elite - $1000 , R/U $500, Third Trophy

Overall Top 20 Winner Up $5000, R/U $500, Third Trophy

Tip In Comp – Over 200m
2 Attempts allowed, with 50m run-up
Judged on rotations, Speed and Smoke
No passengers allowed
Trophies for Win and R/U

From Startline of drag strip toward the finish line
Longest continuos smokey skid, without using brakes
Two attmepts allowed
Trophies for Win and R/U

Presentations at the clubrooms following the event for all classes

Free Camping available at the track for the weekend


Rev King
Young Guns
Powernats Queen
Hard Luck


Burnouts Australia
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McKenzie Mechanical
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