ANDRA Summit Sportsman Series

Saturday January 20th - Day 1 Qualifying

Sunday January 21st - Day 2 Eliminations

Competition - Super Stock - Competition Bike - Super Compact - Supercharged Outlaws - Top Sportsman

Modified - Super Sedan - Modified Bike - Super Street - Junior Dragster - Super Gas

Entry packs will be available at the gate on the day

If you have any issues with the online entry please call 0417374274


 **** Entries will appear on the online entry list within 24 - 48 hours ****

Race Number Bracket Vehicle Class First Name Last Name Vehicle Make / Type / Model Engine Make Engine Size / Capacity Payment Confirmed
2044 Super Street S/STB Scott Cleary Holden Commodore Holden 383 Yes
308 Super Stock C/MSA Jim (MRX) Ioannidis Holden VS Commodore MRX Racing 308 312-cui Yes
1 Modified Eliminator A/MD Craig Baker Snail Chev 283 Yes
5609 Junior Dragster B/JD Josh Baker Mighty Tiger Briggs 310 Yes
1102 Super Sedan SS/A David Todd Gemini Ford Cleveland 427 Yes
5499 Junior Dragster A/JD Daniel BatDan Carranza Half Scale Terminator 480 Yes
5624 Junior Dragster A/JD Jake Berias Motivational tubing TF 3.5 Yes
178 Competition CC/DA Shane Baxter Neil & parks dragster Chev 365 Yes
6431 Super Sedan SS/A Peter Tzokas Holden lx torana Chev 505 Yes
599 Super Street S/STB Henry Spicak VW Beetle VW Yes
6132 Modified Eliminator A/MD Ashley Johnson Modified Dragster GM Ls1 5.7ltr Yes
5833 Supercharged Outlaws SC/O Tim Stewart Mustang Funny Car Chev 393 Yes
1 Modified Bike A/MB Bryan Finn Honda CB1300F Honda 1284cc Yes
1790 Modified Bike A/MB Shane Walker Harley VRod Destroyer Harley 1300cc Yes
6603 Super Gas S/G Charlie Saraceno Chevrolet Chev 406 Yes
684 Modified Eliminator A/MD Bradley Hicks Brogie/Elsworthy RED Chevrolet 374 cui Yes
6923 Junior Dragster C/JD Nathaniel Kuchel 1/2 Scale Dragster Blockzilla 210cc Yes
4690 Super Sedan SS/A Alex Gkroidis Ford Falcon BA Dart SBF 423 Yes
2621 Super Street S/ST Mick Piscioneri Holden VB Commodore Chev 386 Yes
5535 Competition B/AA Shayne Reid Bantam Altered Chev 352 Yes
2625 Super Sedan SS/A Scott Rouhan Lj torana Holden 355 Yes
5277 Supercharged Outlaws SC/S Justin Russell Chevrolet SS Camaro 1967 KB olds 526 Yes
4507 Super Sedan SS/A Chris Lioulios Holden Torana Chev 400 Yes
3065 Top Sportsman TS/A Daniel Jones Chev Cobalt Chev 565ci Yes
5537 Super Sedan SS/A Leon Davies Chevrolet 67 Camaro Chevrolet 477 Yes
5469 Super Street S/ST Bill Farrugia Ford Cortina Windsor 408 Yes
3550 Super Sedan SS/A Chris Farrugia Holden lx hatch back Torana Chev 406 Yes
6427 Super Sedan SS/A Michael Milasiewicz Ford Capri Ford Windsor 427 Yes
1188 Super Gas S/G Anthony Panetta Holden Calibra Chev 400 Yes
5959 Super Street S/STA Robyn Phillis LH SLR Torana Chev 6.2 LTR Yes
6478 Modified Eliminator A/MA Jess Voigt T Bucket Altered Chev 496ci Yes
5228 Super Street S/ST Garth O’Hehir Chev, Camaro 1968 Chev 377
4454 Top Sportsman TS/A Darren Nichele Don Ness Pontiac SDPC Raceshop 615 Yes
2468 Modified Bike A/MB Danny Rickard Harley Harley 80cui Yes
6502 Modified Bike A/MB Nat Mckay Suzuki Suzuki 1100 Yes
1836 Junior Dragster A/JD Jackson Perri mt 2009 zr4 472 Yes
1838 Junior Dragster A/JD Samuel Perri half scale 2001 mcgee 400 Yes
6443 Supercharged Outlaws SC/O Milan Dokic 1941 Willys 521 KB 521
5340 Modified Eliminator A/HR Wade Kisyma 27 Aero Roadster Chev 363 Yes
2045 Modified Eliminator A/MD Neil Dyson 1934 Ford Coupe Chev 406 Yes
4396 Modified Eliminator A/MD Cory Dyson Dragster Chev 400ci Yes
5662 Super Sedan SS/A Nick Presti Holden HQ Chev 434 Yes
1016 Modified Bike A/MB Robert Cassar Z900 Kawasaki Kawasaki 1425cc Yes
4314 Top Sportsman TS/A Jason Arbery Capri Chev 417 Yes
4766 Top Sportsman TS/A Chris Theo 68 Chev Camaro Chev 555 Yes
2595 Super Sedan SS/AA Andrew Thompson Ford Capri 1971 SBC 427 Yes
4057 Super Street S/STB Harry Harris Holden VS SS GMH 5.9 Yes
2014 Super Gas S/G Michael DeRose Cutlass Chevrolet 406 Yes
1 Super Gas S/G Colin Griffin Toyota Celica Ford 572 Yes
6957 Super Street S/STB Nikolas Karanovic Plymouth Barracuda Chrysler 340 Yes
2836 Super Sedan SS/A Ned Karanovic 1957 Chevrolet Chevrolet 565 Yes
5222 Junior Dragster A/JD Bradley Bishop Junior Dragster McGee - Yes
3181 Modified Eliminator A/MD Alex Van Leuven Proton RED Chev 540 Yes
4129 Modified Bike A/MB Gordon Crawford Harley Destroyer Harley 1300 Yes
2143 Junior Dragster C/JD Joshua Maggs HalfScale Briggs & Stratton 210cc Yes
5327 Top Sportsman TS/A Greg Damiani Pontiac Firebird BBC 571 Yes
3981 Supercharged Outlaws SC/O Shane Kramer 32 Ford Altered Chev 540 Yes
5123 Junior Dragster A/JD Jordan Spencer Junior dragster 426 426 Yes
1938 Modified Bike A/MB Chris Hosken Suzuki gsx Suzuki 1428 Yes
4324 Super Street S/STB Rod Kerr LH Torana Holden 355 Yes
6092 Super Sedan SS/A Michael Rouhan Ford cortina Cleveland 393 Yes
1460 Top Sportsman TS/A Stuart Mc Bain Chevy Lumina BBC 582 Yes
6358 Super Sedan SS/A Gary Greig Holden hj ute SBC 434 Yes
89 Super Gas S/G Graeme Spencer VS Holden Commodore Chev 400 Yes
4966 Super Sedan SS/A Malcolm Todd Holden Torana Holden 383 Yes
5476 Junior Dragster B/JD Brodie Zappia Hansen JD HP 472cc Yes
1406 Modified Eliminator A/MD Shane Wynd Jerry Fritz, dragster Chev 565 Yes
1261 Super Sedan SS/A Mark Neumann HK Holden sedan Chev 475 Yes
2081 Super Sedan SS/A Craig Marshman Ford Probe LS 403ci Yes
1031 Modified Eliminator A/MD Stewart Johnston dragster chev 400 Yes
358 Super Sedan SS/A Rob Evans Chrysler Hardtop Chrysler 394 Yes
3923 Modified Eliminator A/MD Kingsley Kuchel Front Engine Dragster SBC 383 Yes
6677 Junior Dragster A/JD Brooke Camilleri Baden Z4 555 Yes
6277 Junior Dragster B/JD Holly Camilleri Haft scale Blockzilla 347 Yes
4436 Super Street S/ST Luke Neumann Holden HT Premier Chev 377 Yes
2424 Top Sportsman TS/A Roc Puccini Pontiac GTO Chev 565
6868 Modified Bike AMB Jake Hamilton-Moderate Motorcycle Kawasaki ZX14 1383 Yes
3156 Super Sedan SS/A Brett Mathew Holden HT Chev 350 Yes
2115 Super Sedan SS/A Stephen Griffin Holden Torana LJ Holden 355 Yes
869 Supercharged Outlaws SC/O Ryan Van Dyk Dragster Rodeck 500 Yes
2227 Junior Dragster B/JD Adrain Saliba Bjd Briggs 30 Yes
5594 Modified Eliminator A/MD Adam Mundy Undercover Dragster Sunset 598 Yes
7111 Modified Eliminator A/MD Chance Lykens Dragster Chev 400 Yes
2260 Super Street S/STA Peter Jephson Toyota Hilux Holden Stroker 355 ci Yes
1388 Modified Eliminator A/MD Kenny Stewart Spitzer Dragster Chev 441 Yes
2100 Super Street S/STB Jason Cavallaro Ford escort Buick 3.8 litre Yes
6638 Super Street S/STB Mark Sienczewski Holden HQ Monaro Chev 454 Yes
2405 Super Sedan SS/AA Scott Foreman Holden VB Sle Commodore Chev 383 Yes
4935 Modified Bike AA/MB Gavin Dohnt Suzuki B-King Suzuki 1340cc Yes
3785 Super Sedan SS/A Phillip Busbridge VH Commodore Chev 460 Yes
2481 Top Sportsman TS/A Graham Hargrave Pontiac Firebird Chev 618 Yes
1925 Modified Bike B/MB Andrew Barker Honda Honda 900 Yes
1 Super Sedan SS/A George Tipouikidis Holden HK Monaro 308 308 Yes
1517 Super Stock DD/GA Daniel Camilleri Pontiac firebird Nissan 183 Yes
6750 Super Sedan S/SA Peter Taylor mazda rx7 Holden 308 Yes
51 Super Street S/STA Graeme Cooper EH Holden s/wagon Chevrolet 427 Yes
6338 Modified Bike A/MB Michael Cristoforo Harley Nighttrain Harley 120ci
5595 Supercharged Outlaws SC/S Jason Keily Ford 1934 Coupe Chev 540 Yes
5737 Modified Eliminator A/MD Matthew Czerny Mullins Dragster Chevrolet 515
1861 Competition E/D Craig Geddes Dragster Chev 280 Yes
5507 Top Sportsman TS/A Glenn Henley Datsun 1200 Ute LS 445 Yes
5386 Super Street S/ST Tony Barbara Ford XY Falcon Ford Cleveland 393 Yes
6619 Junior Dragster B/JD Madi Sparrow Junior Dragster Blockzilla 275 Yes
2063 Top Sportsman TS/A Brett Henley LC Torana Chev 417 Yes
3933 Super Street S/STB Chris Tatchell Holden Torana Holden 308 Yes
2471 Modified Eliminator A/MA Derek Wills 23T Altered Chev 420 Yes
6350 Junior Dragster B/JD Tommy Turic Junior Dragster JD 210 Yes
5143 Top Sportsman TS/A Vlado Turic Nissan S14 Chev 410 Yes
1590 Modified Bike A/MB Jamie Dohnt Yamaha Yamaha 998 Yes
4061 Super Street S/STB Craig Caton Holden HX Monaro Chev 383 Yes
1804 Super Gas SG Warren Bull 67 BBC 500 Yes
2844 Super Street S/STB Benny Phillips Holden Hk Chev 980 Yes
1355 Super Street S/STB Dan Stubbs Holden torana hatchback Holden 355 Yes
2089 Top Sportsman TS/A Rick Smith Holden HQ Monaro BBC 613 Yes
2665 Super Sedan SS/A Dennis Schwab Vk commodore Chev 400 Yes
2805 Modified Bike A/MB Jase Mc Farlane D&D industries Suzuki 1428 Yes
1826 Super Sedan SS/A Michael Jennings Chevy Nova SBC 355 Yes
6598 Super Sedan SS/A Rhyan Sturzaker Mazda RX7 SBC 427ci Yes
3300 Super Street S/STB Cara Bertoli 1978 HZ Holden Utility GM LS1 346 Yes
2764 Super Sedan SS/A Dave Yanko Holden HQ ute Chev 540 Yes
6229 Super Street S/STB Simon Lazzaro Hq Chev 350 Yes
2620 Top Sportsman TS/AA Andy Sanders Chrysler Centura Hemi 265 Yes
1327 Super Street S/STB David Bunnik Holden LX Torana 400 Yes
5483 Top Sportsman TS/AA Andrew Micallef holden lj torana chrysler/B.A.E hemi 526
152 Super Stock C/AP Robert Dekert Pontiac GXP Chev 342ci Yes
4637 Super Sedan SS/A Enio Marrocco Gemini Coupe chev 400 ci Yes
3589 Top Sportsman TS/A Andrew Greening Holden LX Torana Chev 588 Yes
3007 Super Street S/STB Michael Bridges Chrysler centura Chrysler 265 Yes
1009 Super Gas S/G Jason Wilson Holden Gemini Chev 383 Yes
6698 Junior Dragster B/JD Cody Brae Mike bos Block zilla 100CC Yes
1371 Super Sedan SS/A Jim Fitzgibbon Holden, Sedan, FJ Ford 355 Yes
3034 Modified Eliminator A/MA Chris Farrell 32 Bantam Altered Chev 584 Yes
6445 Junior Dragster B/JD Sarah Osborne Spitzer Craw’s ZR3 350cc Yes
2549 Super Street S/STA Steve Borg Ford Mustang LX Coupe Windsor 5.0 Litre Yes
3576 Top Sportsman TS/A Julian Carafa 1941 willys Chev 632
3512 Super Stock H/MP Louis Svingos VF Valiant Chrylser 310 Yes
3370 Super Stock D/GA Chris Soldatos Cavalier Chev 320 Yes
3471 Super Sedan SS/A John Kapiris Holden hq Chev 400
3471 Super Street S/ST John Kapiris Holden vs Holden 308
357 Super Stock E/GA Alex Panagiotidis Chevrolet Camaro Chev 288 Yes
5463 Top Sportsman TS/A Greg Angus Holden Chev 396
6812 Super Sedan SS/A Paul Hughes Ford 1965 XP Falcon Delivery Windsor 410 Yes
228 Super Street S/ST Lisa Sherry VN Commodore Holden 308 Yes
5884 Modified Bike A/MB Mario Baker Bike Suzuki GSXR Petrol 1100 Yes
687 Modified Bike B/MB Edge Mallis BMW / S1000RR / 2011 BMW 999CC Yes
6675 Modified Bike A/MB Dan Dycer Harley Davidson Destroyer HD 1300 Yes
6594 Junior Dragster A/JD Baillie Ponton Junior dragster McGee 555cc Yes
927 Modified Bike A/MB Tony Frost Suzuki Suzuki 1327
1013 Top Sportsman TS/A Matt Forbes 2005 Jerry Haas Chevrolet Cavalier Sunset 598 Yes
1013 Modified Eliminator AMD Matt Forbes 2009 TNT Supercars 4 link dragster Sunset 622 Yes
5038 Super Street S/ST Des Jeffree Holden Commodore VZ Gen 3 383 Yes
2770 Super Street S/ST Matthew Smart Toyota Corolla Coupe Holden 202 Yes
6482 Junior Dragster C/JD Allirah Kardum terminator 1600 1600 Yes
6222 Super Street S/ST John Kalantzis Holden HK monaro Holden 308
6635 Junior Dragster A/JD George Limperis Outlaw Blossom 555cc Yes
5429 Super Sedan SS/A Matt Ponton Ford Capri Chev 383 Yes
157 Top Sportsman TS/AA Andrew Chessells 1957 Chevrolet Chev 615
4075 Super Street S/ST Glenn Knight Ford Escort Windsor 347 Yes
2898 Modified Bike A/MB Matt Walden Suzuki Suzuki 1340cc Yes
6723 Junior Dragster B/JD Chelsea Sammut Junior Dragster Blockzilla 267 Yes
2425 Super Street S/ST Cosi Puccini Holden HQ UTE BIG BLOCK CHEV 468 Yes
1356 Super Sedan SS/A Joe Carbone Holden VK Commodore Holden 355 Yes
5470 Super Sedan SSA Steve Hunt XW Panel Van Ford 408 Yes
2270 Super Stock A/MSA Mick Simic Camaro Chev Big Block 434 Yes
1039 Super Sedan SS/A Daryl Dando Ford XT BBF 618 Yes
2312 Junior Dragster A/JD Amber Young Junior Dragster Pure Power 400cc Yes
3020 Modified Eliminator A/MD Simon Barlow Dragster Sunset Chev 632 Yes
6626 Super Street S/STB Dwayne Halliday Holden LJ torana Holden 355
1458 Modified Bike D/MB Derryn McGregor Honda CBR Honda 600cc Yes
1878 Super Stock A/MS Tom Dimitropoulos Camaro chev 432
333 Super Street S/STA Tom Wright Ht Kingswood LS 408 Turbo
2368 Super Sedan SS/AA Jeff Maslin 1965 Ford Mustang Ford 302 Yes
5416 Modified Bike A/MB Greg Oberti Suzuki GSXF Suzuki 750 Yes